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Singing in the Rain at Habitat for Humanity's Women's Build Dance Party in Newburgh

On the enchanting evening of May 3, 2024, Newburgh, New York, witnessed a delightful spectacle as Habitat for Humanity's second annual Women's Build dance party took center stage, adorned with the radiant theme of "Singing in the Rain." Amidst the celebration of community and compassion, local businesses, including Madeline's Room, illuminated the event with their generous contributions, adding an extra layer of charm and support.

Against the picturesque backdrop of the Hudson Valley, attendees were greeted by the whimsical touch of disco themed balloon centerpieces with lights, graciously sponsored by Madeline's Room, a testament to their commitment to creating magical experiences. Joining Madeline's Room in their show of solidarity were other remarkable local businesses, including Dreyer Law, L. Warren Lawn Maintenance, Cornerstone Family Health, Lobiondo Law, and J. Squared, among others, whose support further enriched the evening's festivities.

The event unfolded amidst a symphony of laughter and joy, as guests reveled in the vibrant atmosphere and partook in an array of activities. From perusing the captivating silent auction and tricky tray to savoring fine wine and grooving to live music, attendees embraced the spirit of generosity and camaraderie that permeated the dance floor.

Central to the evening's success was the auction of hand-painted umbrellas, crafted with care and creativity by local children, serving as poignant symbols of hope and community solidarity. As bids soared and hearts swelled, the collective effort of attendees and sponsors alike underscored the profound impact of coming together for a common cause.

Reflecting on the event, organizers expressed profound gratitude to the community and sponsors for their unwavering support. Through their generosity, Habitat for Humanity's Women's Build initiative continues to pave the way for brighter futures, one home at a time.

In the heart of Newburgh, amidst the patter of rain and the glow of camaraderie, the spirit of compassion and collaboration radiated brightly—a testament to the enduring power of community united in service and solidarity.

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