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Balloon Garland

  • Over the past few years, the evolution of balloons has produced wonderful pieces of art know as Balloon Garlands! We have so much fun creating one of kind works of art for each client.

  • Some great examples of usage of garlands are:

  • To style a backdrop or dessert table area

  • Decorating an entrance or staircase bannister

  • Adding balloon garlands as ceiling decor or to effortlessly consume any empty space in any room

  • The possibilities are endless with Balloon Garlands!

Balloon Arches

  • Balloon arches are an easy way to make your event special

  • Balloon Arches can be used to identify a focal area or embellish a doorway to create an inviting and festive entrance

  • Balloon Arches can be anchored to work well both indoors and outdoors

Balloon Centerpieces

  • We recommend balloon centerpieces to decorate your table with beautiful helium balloons or balloon sculptures that will have everyone talking about your party for years to come

  • Balloon centerpieces are decorative balloon designs for placement on tables

  • Let our balloon centerpieces create a unique and custom table display for your next celebration.

​Balloon Ceilings & Balloon Walls 

  • Transform your room instantly with our balloon ceiling and balloon wall décor

  • Make a luxurious statement by dressing your wall or styling your ceiling with our beautiful balloons

  • A great way to make your party truly magical with balloons 

Balloon Columns 

  • Style your event space with eye-catching balloon columns 

  • Columns are balloons clustered on a free-standing pillar and can be traditional, colorful stands or creative organic balloon combinations 

  • Let our balloon columns add a luxe touch to your next event 

Balloon Sculptures​

  • Style your table with beautiful balloon sculptures that make all of your guests talk about your party for years to come

  • Balloon sculptures can be made in any form - characters, shape, etc

  • Where balloons become art!

Experience the Magic of Custom Balloon Decorations in Hudson Valley, New York

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