Would You Be Surprised?

Would you be surprised if I told you that many of our balloon arrangement installations don't go as planned? 😃This balloon install was intended for the front of the historic Delamatar House in Rhineback, NY as a massive Welcome Balloon Arrangement for a recently engaged couple, who traveled to the Hudson Valley to celebrate with their close friends and family. (Btw, the Delamatar House is so gorgeous. The wood floors, antique furniture, vintage classic and quaint!)

We were scheduled to complete the balloon installation before the celebrating party's return to the Delamatar House. As planned, we arrive a little early, made the appropriate introductions with the hospitality staff before heading over to unload the balloon garland at the Delamatar House. (I was so excited to see the final results.) After fully unloading all of the balloons from our truck and beginning the balloon garland assembly process, an excited and beautifully stylish woman opens the door and says "Wow, those balloons are already so beautiful! You're installing these inside, right?" And of course 😅we definitely did not plan to install the organic balloon garland on the inside the house, because the mother of the bride, specifically asked that it be installed on the exterior of the house! After a brief conversation between the chic young woman and the mom of the bride, we got started with the installation (on the inside of the house of course 😃...of what I think will be a huge hit this holiday season! Deliciously lush organic balloon garlands installed on staircases which create the perfect photo op for Christmas and New Year's celebrations! Check out the custom marble glass balloons with decals and fringe!!!

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