Well That Was Fast!!!

As summer comes to an end, I can't help but reflect in complete gratitude for all of the amazing people who brought a ton of sunshine to my days! The past 18 months have been such a rollercoaster ride! It was so nice to see smiling faces and families celebrating and spending time together! (Yes, this is super cheesy... but you guys brought us so much joy this summer!) I was scrolling through our instagram and came across this photo of one of my clients and their family and was taken back to one of my favorite days this past summer! The process of developing this organic balloon garland for a bridal shower at Shadows On Hudson in Poughkeepsie NY was so fun! It happened after normal business hours (somewhere after 9/10pm), completely over text... but as the client described her sister and sent over a picture...the color theme, design and shape of the balloon garland and the feeling we would all share on the day of the shower psychically came to me. (It was so weird!) I felt like I knew the sister who was being celebrated and exactly what she would like. Anyways... here's a picture of the beautiful balloon garland and the beautiful family. They look great in this picture but you HAVE to see them in person... these women are sooooo gorgeous and full of light and kindness!✨

Super-charged THANK YOUs to all of my clients this summer!💕

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