Summer Has Officially Begun…

How fun and chic is this? So excited to share a new organic balloon garland and tassel backdrop creation we made for Heal Mary at Spirits Lab last week! We're still swooning over the colors, people and fun for this unique custom balloon arrangement and pool party event. From set up to pick of equipment the next day ...the vibe was AWESOME! Does this set up just scream summer?! Look out for our custom balloons and organic balloon garland at upcoming events around Newburgh and the rest of the Hudson Valley this summer! 🎈

And don't hesitate to reach out for your very custom organic balloon garland and tassel backdrop when you're ready! 😉 845-363-8213. What do you think of this one? Share your thoughts in the comments below! And don't forget to follow us on Instagram at madelinesroomny!

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