Our White Bounce Castle Is Finally HERE!!!

We honestly can't find the words to share our excitement about the arrival our new white bounce castle! Not only is the castle absolutely beautiful, it is massive at 13x13x17. This is the perfect addition to any birthday party, bridal shower, wedding, or other event where you're looking for a way to create lasting memories, amazing pictures, and fun with a luxurious standout feature! Balloons, silk flowers, or natural flowers can be added to give it an extra dose of fabulous! And to add... we are located in the heart of the Hudson Valley, one of America's most luxurious wedding destinations!!!

(And of course, the lead Balloon Girl in charge... got to take the castle for its spin!)

To book, click this link here and let's get bouncing!!!

And just in case you've missed any of our latest creations... check out our gallery 👉here!

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