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Organic Balloon Arch: A Hit at an At-Home First Birthday Party

When our repeat clients reached out to us to plan their daughter's second birthday party, we were thrilled. We had previously worked with them for their daughter’s first birthday and were excited to see what new ideas they had in mind for this special milestone occasion!

The theme for the party was "Two the Moon" in honor of the guest of honor's second trip around the sun. We knew that we wanted to create a stunning focal point for the party that would capture the spirit of the theme and make a lasting impression on the guests.

Our client came prepared with her inspo photo of a similarly-themed organic balloon arch.

Organic balloon arches are a popular and eco-friendly alternative to traditional balloon decor. Made from the highest-quality, biodegradable latex balloons, these arches are not only beautiful but also safer for the environment.

For this party, we used a combination of custom greens, custom purples, custom pinks, white, chrome silver, specked specialty prints, and silver mylar moons and stars which was designed to resemble a crescent moon. The balloons were arranged in a curved shape and were accented with gold foil stars to give it a more celestial feel.

The organic balloon arch was set up as the backdrop for the cake and present table, and it was the perfect finishing touch for the party decor. Not only did it fit the theme perfectly, but it also added a touch of magic and wonder to the celebration.

We were so happy with how the organic balloon arch turned out, and our clients were overjoyed with the final result. They even commented on how much they loved the eco-friendly aspect of the decor and how it was a great conversation starter among their guests.

If you're planning a first birthday party and are looking for a unique and magical way to add some magic to your decor, we highly recommend an organic balloon arch. Take a look at the pictures of the party, and you'll see how it brought the theme to life and made a lasting impression on the guests.

We are looking forward to working with our repeat clients again and creating more beautiful memories for their next milestone.


Madeline's Room 🎈

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