How Often Do We Get Second Chances?

This organic hoop balloon arch happens to be one of our most well-liked pieces on our social media accounts! Clients have told us time and time again how much they love the round shape, the color palette and the combination of silk flowers, pampas grass and balloons (which happen to be very HOT right now!) We are so excited to reproduce this for an autumn themed baby shower this weekend in Yorktown, New York! The opportunity to remake this custom balloon arch for another client is awesome for two reasons:

First, we absolutely LOVE organic balloon hoop arches and can't wait to see how new colors and a different theme bring this luxurious piece to life..

But we also get the opportunity to create a smoother installation this time. LOL! This set was definitely one of the most beautiful😍, but also one of the most stressful 😫and emotional 😢that I've ever personally created. On the day of installation. the locking keys for this frame were misplaced. I asked my partner to pick up some replacement pieces on their way in. Of course, they assured me they knew what to purchase and that I had nothing to be worry about. As fate would have it, they didn't know what to get and brought industrial style nuts and bolts which required a wrench (that I didn't have), but that were also waaaaay too big! 🤦‍♀️ And of course by the time I recognized the issue, we were already on site and had a very limited amount of time to set up! (When I tell you I freaked out...I FREAKED OUT!!! I only had an hour to assemble the organic hoop balloon arch and the frame couldn't even be started without the locks! It was such a nightmare. I broke down into a pool of tears. It was so so so traumatizing and embarrassing!

Luckily, my partner was able to zip over to our local Home Depot, get the right screws and ¡VIOLA! we have one of our most beloved pieces and we were set up on time!

***Moral of The Story*** Trust but verify to be sure! ✨

Definitely looking forward to a smoother set the second time around. I am starring at the locking keys as I type this...😃

Check out the adorable Mommy & Daddy To Be!

Have you every had a day like this?

Tell us about it in the comments below!

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