Baby Shower Season Has Officially Started...

Whoa...if the number of baby shower balloon garlands and baby shower balloon arches were any indication of what happened during quarantine... I don't what else would tell a better story! 😃We are so honored to be one of the top picks in the Hudson Valley area for providing professional #organicballoonarches and #organicballoongarland to the Mommies and Daddies to be!

This balloon garland was ordered by the guests' of honor sister for a beautiful Woodland Themed baby shower in Mahopac, NY. We were lucky to be trusted to provide balloon decorations for such a beautiful family and unique theme. Check out images of the our handmade oak backdrop, rare deluxe balloon colors, combined with custom balloons in the exact shade of pink that was made on the fly (talk about pressure 😅) to coordinate with the surprise addition of pink to the shower decor by the family. We absolutely love this balloon garland with pampas grass and eucalyptus leaves and have decided to add it to our hall of fame!

What's your favorite baby shower theme? Share in the comments below!


Madeline's Room

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