Okay...so some people call it a lucky break...I call it...THANK GOODNESS she's my....!  We had the fun and pleasure of covering Azealia Banks' New York and LA Mermaid Balls recently! Cotton Cady, Popcorn, Balloons, Confetti all coordinated by Madeline's Room.  Check out the mention in SPIN Magazine below!!!  These shots were taken during set up at the Bowery Ballroom in NYC.  Unfortunately, we missed out on pics of the LA set up...that was a CRAZY day!  I'll tell you about it when we meet.  Following a star across country can get a little hectic but fun like you'll never believe!
SPIN MAGAZINE AZEALIA BANKS MERMAID BALL, BY the NUMBERS http://www.spin.com/articles/azealia-banks-mermaid-ball-numbers

 "Very, very, nice work. Everything looks so expensive and tasteful!" ~E. Jackson 

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