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What inspires Madeline's Room?

Well for starters...BALLOONS of course!BALLOON bouquets, ballon arches, balloon name it..anything balloons... 
inspires us! There's nothing like a luscious bouquet that says "It's time to celebrate!" and let's everyone know that something special is going on!!!!


I (The Head Balloon Chic In Charge) was born when the sun was in Taurus...and have always had a love of pretty...high quality pieces that stimulate the senses, and add tons of value and character to any and everything I do.  A warm cashmere sweater...a pair of really good leather boots...a timeless handbag...a delicious meal...a great glass of wine...are all similar to characteristics we strive to incorporate into our events.

Being a Taurus...I've also shared a special romance with color and a strong desire to mix, match, and PLAY with color and patterns to create beautiful visual results.

The ways that the perfect color combinations dance together in a room are so inspiring!

An all time favorite... is the CHALLENGE of a suspicious doubtful eye that questions an unusual color-play suggestion that ultimately WOWs their guests!  I love to hear "Wow...I would've never thought to combine those colors!"

For us,  this is about more than just making and delivering balloons and other event components but about creating happy, colorful, memorable celebrations that people talk  about for years to come.

FACT #1:
Did you know that balloons have been around for centuries But the modern balloon was created accidentally a little over 60 years ago, in New England, USA by a chemical engineer who grew frustrated at his efforts to make inner tubes from this new product - liquid latex - shaped as a cat's head from a piece of cardboard he dipped in latex.  When the material dried, this engineer, Neil Tilotson had a cat balloon, complete with ears which he sold in the streets during the annual Patriots Day parade held in Boston Massachusetts! 
FACT #2: Did you know that balloons are actually an affordable, green and Eco-friendly way to add color and fun to any event because they are 100% natural and biodegradable. A balloon will begin the decomposition process when exposed to sunlight and water and decomposes at the rate as a leaf from an oak tree!

FACT #3: Produced in a similar way as maple syrup, latex is made from the milky sap of the HEAVEA BRASILLENSIS tree, originally harvested in South America. These trees were exported to Europe from Brazil which explains the Latin name.

FACT #4: Balloons decompose at the same rate of an oak leaf!
And here's how we take it to the next level:

  • When possible, we return to event sites to retrieve Mylar (foil) balloons that we reuse before discarding
  • We recycle or reuse plastic and paper product packaging to store and organize jobs.
  • We opt for doing more columns, arches, sculptures and centerpieces that require air vs. helium gas.
  • We reuse PVC, metal poles, frames and bases.
We pride ourselves on using the highest quality, biodegradable balloons, the widest color assortment available. Don't see the color that you need?  Just ask!  Customizable colors are available too! Our balloons are guaranteed to float for at least an average of 50% longer than regular balloons.*


Qualetex Balloons
*Please remember float times are based on typical indoor conditions and are estimates which may be impacted by humidity, temperature, altitude, etc.  Float times will be reduced if used outdoors. Balloons typically float half as long in hot, humid weather conditions.  

 "OMG! Everything was perfect and just how I imagined it! Thank you so much!" ~ E. Pena

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